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Who The *#%$@! Are YOU???!!?!?!


This will be an ongoing series…I think.  Mostly because I’ve witnessed a crap ton of folk out there that are lost, confused, and misguided.  So Let’s get this started!!!

Firstly let me introduce myself.  My name for those who don’t know is Sean David Elder.  I am a 32y/o husband and father.  I am the Bass player for a Band named Not Left Alone.   At the time of this posting I am a Camera/Photo Prep Tech for a full service rental house.  I also work freelance as a Camera Operator, Cinematographer, and Gaffer.  I have been a tech geek since 1999 in some capacity or another, and I have worked several jobs outside of film and television production.  I am also an avid gamer, and collector of various items.

I am a firm believer in the relationship between Adonai and man, and I don’t have any qualms speaking about what I believe in.  I know a lot of this seems a bit odd, strange and random, but it just needs to be put out there, so please stay tuned for what’s to follow!!!


Take what you need

Ok so let’s get this out of the way before we proceed. Firstly I like President Obama, as a person and a child of the King. What he’s doing in office, let’s be real, the man can’t take a proper piss without someone scrutinizing him on it. No, I do NOT agree with all of his policies. No, I do NOT agree with a lot of how this country is being run. This administration has inherited more drama and bullshit than Reagan, and I’m sorry I was living in New York during Reagan’s term. It wasn’t the peaches and cream that most sheep think that it was. The reason I’m writing this is because I’m getting kinda tired of people bashing the administration comparing America to other nations that are run by tyrants or cartels. I dare a lot of these armchair




to see how long they could survive in a country where if you even hinted that your


were being abused your head would be chain sawed off in FRONT of yor family and your head stuck on a pike just to prove a point.

Look, I’m not saying NOT to question, but please let’s not oversimplify what’s going on in the world today. There are battles being fought behind the veil of space and time that we can do nothing about!!!! With that said, please be skeptical of what you read, hear, and see, but understand that there is a continuing war going on under the surface that very few humans have the calling to participate in.

Just sayin’.