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Who The *#%$@! Are YOU???!!?!?!


This will be an ongoing series…I think.  Mostly because I’ve witnessed a crap ton of folk out there that are lost, confused, and misguided.  So Let’s get this started!!!

Firstly let me introduce myself.  My name for those who don’t know is Sean David Elder.  I am a 32y/o husband and father.  I am the Bass player for a Band named Not Left Alone.   At the time of this posting I am a Camera/Photo Prep Tech for a full service rental house.  I also work freelance as a Camera Operator, Cinematographer, and Gaffer.  I have been a tech geek since 1999 in some capacity or another, and I have worked several jobs outside of film and television production.  I am also an avid gamer, and collector of various items.

I am a firm believer in the relationship between Adonai and man, and I don’t have any qualms speaking about what I believe in.  I know a lot of this seems a bit odd, strange and random, but it just needs to be put out there, so please stay tuned for what’s to follow!!!