Monday Morning in my Mobile Office

Another Monday morning, and another bus ride close to work. Then I ride my bike in the rest of the way, trust me its a lot easier on my clothes that way. I still am astonished at the amount of work that I get done before I get to the office!!! So what work? Well I’m more than happy to field that question!! I have set one of my life’s goals as being an ASC recognized cinematographer, even though at the current moment I am not walking in that path. More on that at a other time. “Wait, so what does posting about leadership, tech trends, and video games have to do with cinematography???” Another great question! I won’t go too deeply into the job duties of a cinematographer, but aside from being a manager, a cinematographer has to be pretty much on top of what’s going on in their respective “worlds”. Now that the lines of media are still being blurred by mobile tech being integrated into video games and television shows, all these avenues intrigue me. I find the merger and constant “experimentation” that is happening a very exciting time for those in the media field!!! So as my bus ride comes to an end, I’ll share this small bit of encouragement: walk in the path that you’ve been shown, or work from here for the time being-



About Sean D. Elder

Sean is a story-teller who loves a good story and the entire process of Cinematography. He considers visual story-telling and beautiful imagery to be a perfect match, and also believes that the creative process is the most beneficial process in Cinematography. ". . . my life is the best movie I will ever produce and direct, so why not make great images and tell great stories at the same time. . ." No matter what medium everything has a story, and putting them together is his passion. One of his professional goals is to become an ASC Cinematographer and eventually financing his own projects.

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