Multi blog

Why I have multiple blogs.
Simply put, I’m trying to find a blog where I can rest my hats. Don’t know the ins and outs of this stuff, but I’d like to gain an audience and help a many people’s as I can. I realize that I can’t help EVERYONE, but I can do what I can and give what I can. So if you see an entry here that you see on G+ or WordPress don’t freak out, I’m just testing the waters to see what works best. Feel free to comment, pass on, grammar police/nazi these posts; sometimes I might post from my iPhone and others from a laptop or desktop. So with that said. I’ll be writing a bit more, and wether you agree or not with a topic or post let me know! If you have questions, let me know!! If you wanna go to lunch or hang out, let me know!!! If you wanna hug me or superman ouch me, even so. Let. Me. Know.


About Sean D. Elder

Sean is a story-teller who loves a good story and the entire process of Cinematography. He considers visual story-telling and beautiful imagery to be a perfect match, and also believes that the creative process is the most beneficial process in Cinematography. ". . . my life is the best movie I will ever produce and direct, so why not make great images and tell great stories at the same time. . ." No matter what medium everything has a story, and putting them together is his passion. One of his professional goals is to become an ASC Cinematographer and eventually financing his own projects.

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