Monthly Archives: June 2013

Working from my mobile office

Otherwise known as the bus, I get a ton of my social networking and leadership learning done. I try and get a lot of this done so that I can be as productive as I can be. A time is coming soon when I’ll have to put these new connections and skills to use, and I believe that I am ready to do so. I have been working on getting somethings in place to make the upcoming transition a bit easier for myself and my family, and also the communities that I am blessed to be a part of. On top of that I’ve been working on a few shorts that will be ready to shoot soon (within six months, to be exact.) I got a lot in the works and have to get a lot done, but I’m also being held accountable for ALL of it. Alright, my office is nearing my stop, and now that I’ve filled in all parties that actually care about my well being, I’ll keep you guys and gals updated as much as possible.



Multi blog

Why I have multiple blogs.
Simply put, I’m trying to find a blog where I can rest my hats. Don’t know the ins and outs of this stuff, but I’d like to gain an audience and help a many people’s as I can. I realize that I can’t help EVERYONE, but I can do what I can and give what I can. So if you see an entry here that you see on G+ or WordPress don’t freak out, I’m just testing the waters to see what works best. Feel free to comment, pass on, grammar police/nazi these posts; sometimes I might post from my iPhone and others from a laptop or desktop. So with that said. I’ll be writing a bit more, and wether you agree or not with a topic or post let me know! If you have questions, let me know!! If you wanna go to lunch or hang out, let me know!!! If you wanna hug me or superman ouch me, even so. Let. Me. Know.

What I do

Ok so now that I have this blog. What do I do with it??? I can go on rants for days and no one will be the wiser. What about quick blurbs? Emotional content? Poignant and relevant news???? Well to be honest I’ll post stuff that I am lead to post. For now that’s all I got.